Fotona Starwalker
(Pico Laser)

Treatment Overview

Fotona Starwalker®️ is an award-winning FDA approved multifunction medical laser that removes unwanted skin imperfections efficiently with no pain, scarring and downtime. The third-generation ASP technology consists of 4 types of frequency (picosecond, nanosecond, microsecond & milisecond) & 2 types of wavelengths (1064nm & 532nm) catered for pigment, vascular & collagen treatments.

Where is it from?

Fotona Starwalker®️ is from Slovenia. Fotona is a well-established developer of high-technology medical grade laser systems. For more information, click the button below.

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The Benefits

  1. No downtime
  2. Minimal pain
  3. Melasma, freckles, age spots, Nevus of Ota
  4. Multi-coloured complex tattoo removal
  5. Large birthmark
  6. Skin whitening & tightening
  7. Sun-damaged skin
  8. Deep acne scars
  9. Wrinkles & finelines
  10. Large facial pores
  11. Unwanted coarse, thick hair
  12. Vascular malformations of capillaries and veins